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Jennifer Glass

Jennifer completed her Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. She is a member of the Michigan Association of College Admission Counseling. Jennifer began her interest in college counseling when a friend asked her to brainstorm and edit her daughter’s college essays. Since working with that first student, Jennifer has counseled students across Metropolitan Detroit through the college admissions process. Jennifer’s background in politics and writing gives her a unique perspective on the field of college counseling. She believes that a student’s strengths and accomplishments can be showcased throughout a college application to tell the complete story of the student.

Jennifer earned a BA in Political Communication and a MA in Political Management from The George Washington University. During her time in Washington, Jennifer worked in the U.S. Senate, the White House and for CNN Crossfire, a live nationally televised political program. At The George Washington University, Jennifer worked in the Office of Media Relations and the Office of Alumni Relations. Jennifer’s unique talents allows her to help students convey their distinct story through their application to reach their goals for higher education. She assists students in building an extracurricular resume, crafting essays and choosing recommendations that tell the story of each student beyond their academic qualifications.